Jay Kesan


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    Jay is on our advisory board and has been an excellent help in guiding us on our AI + Search based insights analytics product that helps insurance companies with efficient litigation management. Jay’s deep knowledge of technology + statistics + data science + claims + Litigation + Patent/IP + startup + fundraising combined with entrepreneurship exposure is a rare to find combination. His experience and knowledge is an asset to any founder/CEO especially to a tech company with IP. We are proud to have him on our advisory board!

    Sri Ramaswamy
    Founder & CEO, Infinilytics Inc (Date: July 23, 2020)


    I have always enjoyed working with Jay. He takes great pride in doing things the right way. Jay stands out from many of his colleagues in that he has not only a brilliant grasp of patent law but also understands the real world of litigation and how to use the law to help people.

    Jeff Harty
    Intellectual Property Attorney at Nyemaster Goode PC (Date: July 22, 2020)


    Jay resides at the highest knowledge levels reflecting both abstract understanding of complex legal and business issues and also understands how the real world works. He has a positive approach to business and yet does not dwell on negatives and liabilities. Jay is solution driven and likes to look at why a project could work and how a common goal could be achieved that benefits all involved, that is to say, those seated at both sides of the negotiating table. We are currently involved in several projects and he has been responsive and thorough in his approach and a pleasure to work with.

    Chris Outwater
    CEO at Liberty Access Technologies (Date: July 9, 2020)


    I have known Jay for over ten years, first as the co-founder of a company to provide IP protection by identifying and challenging patents that may be used to challenge the IP of client companies. More recently I have engaged him in my role as the CEO of Histolix. He has proved to be an invaluable member of the team guiding our IP licensing efforts from a university, informing us on prior art we need to be aware of and establishing our patent strategy going forward. There are many patent lawyers but few who know science the way Jay does and few who are as responsive, team oriented, and able to counsel on business issues as well as patent issues. I recommend Jay to any company with IP issues.

    Gary Gerttula
    Chief Executive Officer at Histolix (Date: July 9, 2020)